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Darkdot: Privacy matters.

Darkdot is a news media organization. We follow privacy technologies and the consequences of their use. Our first publication was in 2018.

We aim to educate journalists, researchers, and activists on how to operate safely in a surveilled world.

Progress depends on privacy #

Humanity’s progress is contingent on our ability to experiment, communicate, and publish unsurveilled. Privacy is a human right.

We document failures of privacy tech and operational security. Our hope is to learn collectively from the mistakes of others.

With the right privacy education, innovators can thrive even when surveilled.

Tackling the privacy news desert #

False information is published widely on privacy networks. Misinformation is rampant, often published by unethical people with ulterior motives.

On the open internet, participation in a privacy network is often pejoritively labeled as using a “darknet.” Using the right technology to pursue privacy for legal means should never be a crime, or even sound like one.

The greatest atrocities in human history began where nobody was watching. We’re closely monitoring how states react to privacy networks, their legal use and otherwise.

Supporting pseudonymous publishing #

Our founding journalist chose to begin publishing pseudonymously in 2018 as DarkDotFail. Much of our content is inspired by their lessons learned in pursuit of free, private speech.

The best way to learn OPSEC is by living it. We educate based upon our pseudonymous collaborators’ personal experiences.

Cybersecurity journalists assume much risk. You cannot doxx yourself to the public; the public includes oppressive regimes. Operate legally, but your OPSEC is your life.

If you are a journalist or source in need of privacy training or infrastructure, contact us at

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